Stressed young woman

Stress costs you money

Getting stressed in business is more than an annoyance, it’s a threat to your success. Because as the leader of your business, your clients and your team rely on you to be present, sharp and productive every day. And when you aren’t productive, it costs you money.

The truth is that business, while exciting and fun, is also stressful. And that stress will trigger a physiologic reaction that will shift you into one of these three reactive behaviors:

  1. Freeze (aka get paralyzed and do nothing)
  2. Fight (aka overwork until you burn yourself out)
  3. Flee (aka procrastinate and run away from your issues)

Even successful business owners get stuck in reactive stress patterns because these behaviors are hard-wired responses. The trick is to learn how to recognize the stress behavior quickly, so you can get back on track.

Over the next three posts, I’ll be sharing a video with specific action steps to overcome each of these stress patterns.

This week’s post is about the Freeze Response. A few of the ways this will show up in your business are:

  • Sitting at the computer for 30 minutes or more staring at a blank screen, without any words coming out
  • Making to-do lists but not ever taking action on them
  • Getting to the end of the day and having nothing to show in terms of concrete action

In the video below, I share 3 concrete action steps you can take to shift out of the freeze response. Check it out here:

Are you a “freezer”? How are you going to apply these action steps to be more productive in your business? Share in the comments below!