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Leading a company through a period of significant growth or change is stressful.

But you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you can’t afford to.

Workplace stress costs businesses an estimated $300 billion per year, and 60% of executives report feeling high stress and anxiety on a regular basis.

Stress not only impacts your health and productivity, it dulls the edge of your most powerful business tool — your mind. Critical thinking, creativity and problem solving all decline when you’re under stress.

And just like you can’t read the label on a bottle when you are in the bottle, trying to figure out how to manage the stress on your own just doesn’t work. Over the past four years, I’ve worked with over 150 business leaders in more than 20 different industries, helping them to achieve their business goals with ease by using the peak performance tools of mindset and energy management.

Whether you are an executive experiencing burnout now, or a leader looking to maintain your edge during a growth phase, we’re here to help you reach your goals with ease.

My name is Christine Springer, and my company is committed to helping high achieving leaders + corporate teams to perform at their best during periods of business growth or change.

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Before starting my work as a coach, I worked as a physical therapist for 14 years – hence my obsession with the mind-body connection!

Jasper (aka Fluffy)

Jasper (aka Fluffy)

I have a passion for eating and drinking well, sleek black greyhounds (see Jasper, aka “Fluffy” according to my nephew Weston), and getting new stamps on my passport. Basically, I work to fund my foodie and travel habit. And buy Jasper new comfy beds.

Quite possibly the craziest — and most fun — physical challenge I’ve ever accomplished was swimming 10K for charity in Lake Austin in 2013.

And If I ever go MIA, my family has been instructed to look for me in one of 3 places: Magic Meadows Trail in Crested Butte, CO; the courtyard of Michel-Schlumberger winery in Sonoma, CA; or the floating dock outside Hotel Imperial Tremantano in Sorrento, Italy.

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Christine Springer is President and Founder of Christine Springer Coaching, a coaching and training company devoted to helping business leaders and their teams to create higher levels of productivity, success and fulfillment.

As a certified Martha Beck coach, she uses science-based practices and energy management tools to help her clients thrive, rather than merely survive, at work.

Before starting her business in 2013, Christine had a 13-year career as a physical therapist, including 7 years as the clinical director of a large orthopedic practice in Austin, Texas. Her physical therapy training formed the foundation of her expertise on how stress and mindset influence your health, well-being and motivation.

While she loved her work as a physical therapist, she realized her true passion was coaching and now uses her combined talents to help her clients realize massive business success that is aligned with personal fulfillment.


sea_urchin_icon WHY A SEA URCHIN?

As a kid, I spent many summers at the beach with my family. I loved finding sea urchin shells and was initially drawn to them because of their delicate beauty and texture.

As a coach, the sea urchin holds a deeper meaning for me. My coaching philosophy is based on the work of Martha Beck, who believes your body (rather than your mind) is the source of your true wisdom. Our bodies guide us toward the choices that are uniquely right for us. If we can tune in and truly listen.

The sea urchin has no eyes and uses sensors in its body to “see”. It operates on the system I teach my clients, which is using your body to navigate your true path forward in business and life.