The phrase “leap and the net will appear” has become quite popular recently.

At the beginning of 2013, I took a big leap. I started my own business.

I was all in.

And I thought because I had taken a huge leap that I would stay all in.

What I didn’t realize then is that being all-in is not a one-time decision, it’s a daily decision.

After I started my business, I had to stretch myself to do things that were uncomfortable. I made mistakes.

I started to get nervous. My doubts started guiding my actions rather than my dreams. (And by dreams, I really mean goals. Because goals are dreams with a deadline.)

I thought about scaling back my plans. Because that seemed more “realistic” than really committing to what I was passionate about.

At that moment, I wasn’t all in anymore.

As I climbed out of the “fear hole”, I realized: Being all in is not a one time choice. It is a daily choice.

Being all in is a leap you make every day.

Here are 3 strategies I’ve used to help me commit (and re-commit) to being all in every day:

1. Respect Your Dreams more than your fears.

I believe we all have dreams and desires that help guide us to our purpose, who we are created to be in this world. But those dreams require us to step out of our comfort zone, and doing that often brings up fears like “What if people think I’m crazy? Who am I do do this? Won’t I look dumb if I fail?”

I love the saying “Fears are feelings, not facts.” Sometimes our fears are so intense, they seem like a certainty, rather than just a crappy possibility our brain conjured up

I am learning that the presence of fear often means I’m doing something new, something to help myself grow. So fear can be a sign that I’m doing something good, rather than something crazy or harmful to myself.

Whatever your dream is, whether it’s to change careers or lose 30 pounds or start playing guitar, respect your dream enough to face down your fears.

2. Retire Plan B.

In the past, I’ve been a big fan of back-up plans. Two plans were almost always better than one.

(Three was even better, because you had a back-up plan for your back-up plan.)

The theory here is that having a back-up plan will make you feel more confident about pursuing Plan A.

But for me, the back up plans I often had were NOT in line with my true goals and dreams. Instead, they were a way of protecting myself from disappointment or hiding from what I really wanted.

So instead of acting like an “insurance policy” for my real plan, they were an energy drain, making it harder for me to focus on the actions I needed to take to make Plan A happen.

Spending time and energy focusing on a plan that is not really in line with your dream will only distract you from doing what you really want to do, making it less likely that your dream will actually happen.  

The plan may unfold differently than you think it will, and it may evolve as you grow over time, but the only way I have found to be truly successful is to focus my energy on the one thing I truly want.

3. Make Time To Rest and Recharge.

I often feel like if I can do “just one more thing”, then I will feel less anxious and more “deserving” of a break.

But many times, one more thing turns into three or four more things, and then I am either so exhausted I can’t fully enjoy the break or I have worked right through the time I allotted to take a break.

I think our minds and bodies are similar to our cell phones…when the battery gets low, it takes a much longer time to re-charge than if we are in a regular habit of “charging” through-out the day and week.

I have found that my commitment to being all in is much less likely to waiver when I’m not tired and anxious. So for me, rest is a must-have.

These three steps have helped me stay focused on what matters and help me stay all-in as I build my business.

As you work to stay all-in with your goal, which one of these steps will you focus on?


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