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Self Doubt Is Paralyzing You

You know you should be vying for the promotion that was just announced in your department, but you hesitate because you think you need more experience.

Or maybe you’re stalling because you’re waiting for your personal life to calm down.

Or perhaps you are waiting for your boss to have a good hair day so you can approach her about advancement opportunities.

But deep down, some little part of you knows these reasons aren’t real.

Because when you think about applying for a new job, your heart starts to beat faster, your mouth feels dry and your hands get clammy.

You might even feel a little nauseous.

The truth is, you aren’t looking for another job because you are scared shitless about looking stupid or failing or being told no.

Your fear has created such epic levels of self doubt that you are now wondering if you are qualified for the job you have, let alone one with more responsibility.

And the reason fear is creating levels of self doubt that you haven’t felt since waking up with three pimples the day of prom is that you have a Mindset Block.

How Is Self Doubt Related To A Mindset Block?Mindset = Thoughts + Beliefs(2)

Your mindset is made up of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and how the world works.

Your mindset influences the actions you take. Together, your mindset and actions create the results you experience in life.

When self doubt prevents you from taking action to improve your life or seek out new opportunities, you have a mindset block.

How A Mindset Block Shows Up In Real Life

My client Maggie first inquired about coaching via email and the subject line of her email read, “My friend is making me do this.”

Although coercion isn’t my preferred method of attracting clients, we set up a call for later that week.

Maggie quickly gave me the background on her situation, explaining that she was looking for a new job doing development for a non-profit or university.

She had recently attended a networking event where the president of a local college had mentioned they were looking for a new Director of Development.

“Here’s the problem,” Maggie said. “I looked up the job posting and they want someone with 10 years of experience, and at least 5 years in educational development. I only have 4 years of experience in non-profit development, and none in education.

“A friend of mine who was at the event and heard my conversation with the president. She thinks I should apply for the position.

But to me, it is out of integrity to apply for the position without the required experience.

“When I told my friend I wasn’t going to apply for the position, she made me contact you. ”

“Why is it out of integrity? What do you think will happen if you apply without the experience?” I asked.

“I think they would automatically discard my resumé. It’s breaking the rules. They would probably think I had a big ego to assume they would change their requirements for me,” Maggie said.

“What if they are guidelines, rather than requirements? What if you have all the skills you need for the job without all of the experience they wanted? What if you apply for the job just to see what happens?” I asked.

“That feels scary. I want to throw up just thinking about it. Maybe my friend was right and I do need your help,” she said.

The root of the problem

Maggie had a fear of failure, which created massive levels of self-doubt. She was using a strategy of rule following to help combat her doubt and fear.

Maggie was one of many women who hold themselves back because of a perceived need to follow the rules when job hunting.

In a September 2014 blog for the Harvard Business Review entitled “Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified”, author Tara Mohr cited this statistic from a Hewlett-Packard internal report:

Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.

There were a number of theories about the root cause of the gender split, one being that women feel more bound to follow the rules than men.

Waiting until you are 100% qualified can minimize the feelings of self-doubt around possible failure, but it can also minimize your chances of success.

In her article “How Being Perfect Can Hurt Your Career”, Belo Cipriano wrote that “attempting perfection all the time will kill your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit — making it easy to hold back and not take a chance. And in return, you may not be seen as a leader in the eyes of your organization.”

Achieving success in your business or career requires that you be positioned as a leader. And you must let go of your mindset blocks in order to do that.

Removing Your Mindset Block

Pursuing job opportunities that you’re mostly qualified for requires you to highlight the combination of work experience and personality traits that make you an asset to the company.

To do this, you must feel confident in your abilities and release any doubts and fears that are creating a mindset block.

Creating a concrete plan for change on your own is hard because it requires a level of objectivity that you don’t possess when you feel afraid.

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