Do you procrastinate doing things that scare you in your business?

When you are stressed or scared about taking action in your business — like setting up a meeting for a new partnership or following up with a potential new clients — that stress may trigger the “flee” response in your brain.

The “flee” response is the 3rd of three possible default modes (the other two are freeze or fight) that your brain will shift into if you don’t take conscious action to choose a different response.

One common sign you are in flee mode is that you engage in what I call “fake productivity” tasks to avoid doing the thing that stresses you.

These fake productivity tasks are activities like organizing your sock drawer, running a non-critical errand, or cleaning up your email inbox. They are not bad to do, but they are not mission critical to your business.

A key mindset mistake I see my clients making is to think that this flee pattern means they are unmotivated or unfocused. This isn’t true.

Rather, this pattern is a symptom of stress or fear the same way that a runny nose is a symptom of a cold.

In this video, I share the tips to help you break out of the flee pattern (and the cycle of self-judgement that follows it).

Please let me know how these tips work for you!