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When I started working with Christine, I felt extremely confused about where I wanted my life and career to go. My confidence was fragile. I just knew something needed to change, but had no clue what or how.

Within just a few months of working with Christine, I started my own business and now have a busy marketing shop, which is growing into an mini-empire! I’m making more money than I ever have, and most importantly, I know what I want. I have grown not just into a successful business owner, but I’ve learned how to take care of ME the same way I take care of my kids.

Christine brings an experiential approach to everything – she doesn’t tell you things, she brings you into the experience and magically brings your problem, your brain, and your soul into a connection I’d never before been able to achieve on my own. After mindset sessions with her, I felt more free, confident, and calm, and making decisions is now something I have a clear strategy for. I really can’t believe all that I’ve accomplished and changed in my life in just 9 months! This is life changing work.


President & Founder, Indiga Media

Christine is one of the most intuitive people I know.  She has a natural ability to pinpoint to source of stress and show you the path to alleviating it. I have found that my sessions with Christine always lead to great insights about what is holding me back how to move forward.

When you work with Christine, you learn to how to connect your body’s cues with your hope and dreams for a fuller, purposeful, and happier life.


President & Founder, Twenty Hats

In each session with Christine I had at least one breakthrough. Her gentle, compassionate energy and her powerful questions created space for me to discover mindset blocks that were keeping me from being my best self. Even when some of the same stuff came up, she was patient and kind and continued to ask questions to help me set the disempowering beliefs free once and for all.

She went above and beyond, following up after our calls to make sure that I was OK and getting what I needed from our sessions. She is a coach because she cares! The breakthroughs I had as a result of our sessions were truly life altering. The only way to know is to discover it yourself. Hire her if you’re ready to free yourself!


Speaker, Coach & Author

When I began working with Christine, I thought I’d get some super-charged positive thinking sessions. But what I’ve received has been energy alignment work at its deepest level. I was literally choked with the fear and indecision that came from feeling unworthy of these new opportunities. I carried a lot of “apology energy” in interactions with others and wasn’t valuing my time and health. Christine used techniques that allowed me to let go of mindsets that no longer served me.

I’ve become so calm about deadlines and choices with large numbers attached. If you’re burning to do things in this world, you may be ready for this magnitude of change. For this kind of work, Christine is an excellent catalyst and guide.


President & Founder of Pax Modern Homes

Before working with Christine, I would get very nervous when I spoke about my success or even thought about it. I would often start coughing if people noticed me or complimented me. People would think I was really sick. But I never related it to something inside that was going on.

Fairly quickly, Christine helped me realize it was a mindset issue. I did not feel “good enough” for the successes that I had achieved, so I coughed to deflect attention. Christine helped me overcome this (although sometimes I need to be reminded) by allowing me to realize that I am worth it. I need to shine my light so that others can shine their lights just as brightly. So, I said yes to speaking in front of over 300 business owners about my shifts and all that I was proud of… and I did not cough! I felt amazing afterward. A few of the women came up to me after my talk and told me what an impact I had made. Now that was amazing!

Thank you Christine for being a part of my journey.


President & Founder of

I called on Christine because I needed a new perspective. I appeared to have everything going well for me on the outside, but I was still unhappy. I knew where I wanted to go, but didn’t know how to get there and Christine became my GPS (Getting Past Stuck) partner.

Nothing is off limits with Christine and she made me feel so comfortable that I let my guard down, regardless of the topic, which allowed me to really focus on what’s important…to get results!


Health Care Executive