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Multitasking Is The Payday Loan Of Productivity

Payday loans offer fast cash when you are in a jam and need money quickly.

But unless you can pay back the money in short order, you end up owing a LOT more money over time.

Multitasking is the productivity equivalent of a payday loan. There is an initial increase in your ability to get things done, but over time, you end up feeling drained, depleted and stressed which negatively impacts you and your business.

In this video, I explain the science behind why multitasking is bad for your business and the 3 step process to re-train your brain to single-task.

Putting This Into Action

Multitasking can be a hard habit to shift. Pick one activity a day where you are going to practice single-tasking and note how your productivity and energy shift as a result of this.

Then, share below what one part of your business (or life) would benefitĀ  most from your new single-tasking approach!